Andrew Brooks

Years attended: 20172016

Discipline: Photography

Manchester-based Andrew Brooks is a photographer, artist and filmmaker interested in the history and stories of locations. “Through the act of building images, I aim to capture the forms and rhythms of nature and the city. Often as imagined or re-imagined scenes, I aim to create a heightened sense of place and the audience’s interaction with it.”

He has exhibited widely in cities in America, the Netherlands, Scotland, China as well as, of course, Manchester and his work is in collections in Sittard and Zoetemeer as well as the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Andrew’s work was included in the 2009 Winners Showcase of the Prix de la Photographie Paris exhibited in Brooklyn and in 2013 he won the Lumen Prize Global Award for Digital Art.

For Design Manchester 16 Andrew has created a series of cityscapes to accompany the festival.

Andrew Brooks at The Refuge for DM16