Said Kasmi

Years attended: 2021

Discipline: Politics

Said Kasmi has represented the D66 party in the cabinet of the City of Rotterdam since 5 July 2018. He is Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture and Tourism.

“It is an honour to serve as Deputy Mayor in the city where I grew up,” he says. “Rotterdam has offered me many opportunities, both as a student and professionally. I look forward to giving back to the city now and there is no better portfolio to do that than education, where children can let their talents blossom, the driver of equal opportunity. In the years ahead, we will remain fully committed to preschool and early childhood education for all toddlers. We will provide good school buildings, good teachers and train our youth for the labour market of the future.”

Said Kasmi studied economics at HEBO in The Hague, International Relations, History, Media and Politics at Coventry University and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. More recently he has served as director of the D66 national office, supervisory director at Woonbron housing association and supervisory board member of the Pameijer social aid foundation.