Transient Space

Mon Oct 15, 2018 - Fri Oct 26, 2018

transient_space is a digital, projected gallery that explores the concepts of time, space and the culture of the transient screen. The gallery is housed within Manchester School of Art’s vast atrium space, consisting of four large screen surfaces.

This years festival theme concetrates on the idea of ‘Disrupt’. Recent research shows the average time people look at a work in a gallery is a median duration of ’17 Seconds’ and with this in mind we have briefed and incredible array of creatives to respond to this with a 17 second piece on the theme.

Artists include:
Ian Anderson / The Designer’s Republic (UK)
Erik Brandt (US)
Patrick Thomas (GER)
Studio Build / Michael C Place (UK)
Actual Source (US)
Sulki & Min (KO)
Playlab Inc (US)
Adam Griffiths (UK)
Jon Sueda (US)
Studio Dumbar (NL)
Wax Studios (US)
Foreign Policy (SN)
Okuyama Taiki (JP)
Rita Matos (POR)
Michael Willis (AUS)
Jonathan Castro (NL)
Erik Carter (US)
IGO Studio (FRA)
Caitlin Berner (NL)
Kochi Kochi / Marie Jones (UK)
Jonas Zieher (GER)
Pitch Studios (AUS)
Mick Jongling / Hyperaura (NL)
Deutsche & Japaner (GER)
Melissa Matos / Trusst (CA)
Joel Evey (US)
Jonathan Hitchen + Sam Meech (UK)
Loose Collective (UK)
Ksenia Dubrovskaya (RUS)
12B Studio (UK)
Studio Jimbo (FRA)

The project is founded and curated by designer and lecturer Adam Griffiths (@ra_bear) and progress can be viewed on Instagram