HAND Studio

Years attended: 2016

Discipline: Product

HAND is a design solutions studio and retail brand cultivating the development and production of both useful and desirable products that evoke the highest standards of critical design theory, functionality and popular appeal.

Original designs developed by the core partnership team of designer artists Liam Hopkins (Lazerian) and Daren Newman (Me and My Pen) respond to design’s pure function of ‘making things better’ as well as offering an unrivalled aesthetic quality underpinned by contemporary design theory and traditional construction methods and materials.

HAND’s ethos is formed of the belief that user interaction with products can empower individuals to play an active part in the creative processes, thereby extending the purpose and experience of a truly inclusive design process. HAND strives to make connections with organisations and individuals who share the same passion for inspirational, contemporary, handcrafted design and production. HAND 01 has been developed in partnership with paper product innovator Debbie Wigglesworth (The Paper Collaborative).