Years attended: 20172016

Discipline: Design

OH OK LTD is a studio which uses design as a vehicle for community collaboration to help build better neighbourhoods. It collaborates with a number of Manchester-based designer makers with Joe Hartley (left), Ben Young (right) and Jess Higham (not pictured) as the core team.

OH OK LTD has recently completed its first major project – The Pilcrow, which saw hundreds of volunteers collaborate to build a contemporary public house in Sadler’s Yard, Manchester.

The Pilcrow is the pub that Manchester built. Throughout 2016, under the tutelage of a small team of designers and makers hundreds of volunteers helped to build a contemporary public house from scratch at Sadler’s Yard in Manchester. Everything from the structure, to the pump handles on the bar, are the result of creative collaboration with the local community.

OH OK LTD believes that places work better when everybody is involved in building them.