Wekaforé Jibril

Years attended: 2020

Discipline: FashionActivism

Wekaforé Jibril is creative director at Wekafore.

Their design explores the re-interpretation of urban African style prior to Americanization. Delicately mixing an array of fabrics and placing subtle feminine elements into comfortably-active ready to wear men’s clothing and finding beauty in masculine femininity with womenswear. Retracting black masculinity and femininity in the city life to its early days.

Wekafore hopes to develop a unique aesthetic based on nostalgia and the reinvention of negritude. Showcasing and educating the public to a different side to black African culture that has been forgotten, they hope to use sleek African tailoring with a 1970’s street sensibility to re-visit this era, expand it and tell a new Wekafore?story of the beauty within the struggle