Circles by Peter Blake 1961

DANAD Exhibition

Wednesday October 11 - Sunday October 22

The DANAD art and design collective at the height of the pop art era brought together a group of iconic and widely exhibited artists (Peter Blake, Tom Adams, Robyn Denny, Bernard Cohen, Barry Daniels and Edward Wright) who had developed alongside each other as students in colleges including Gravesend School of Art, Slade and the Royal College, alongside contemporaries such as Hockney, Freud, Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland and Peter Phillips. Operating from a dilapidated Hertfordshire mansion, they took fine art off the wall and used it to illuminate mid-century furniture. After DANAD, Denny and Cohen went back to fine art; Blake famously designed record sleeves alongside a prodigious pop art output; Adams is noted for Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler book covers as well as movie art with Kubrick and Roeg; Wright became a seminal typographer and commercial artist; Daniels designed textiles for Liberty, Heal’s, Mary Quant, Sanderson and Conran, and popularised the work of many other British textile designers in the USA. This is a rare opportunity to see the work produced in these influential experimental and formative years.

Public area: 9-6 daily. White Space area: 11-12 mornings and 5-6 afternoons.

Artists attending