Years attended: 20172015

Discipline: DesignTypography

For three decades Swifty has cast an innovative and distinctive visual shadow over contemporary urban culture. Fresh from art school in Manchester, he moved to East London in the mid-’80s, and following an internship with Malcolm Garrett’s Assorted iMaGes studio became the right hand man to the most radical designer of the day, Neville Brody. Setting up studio in Hoxton, he fully embraced the then quite new Macintosh computer and utilising its digital design platform to the full, created award-winning work for the magazine Straight No Chaser and record label Talkin’ Loud, and started to produce his quirkily distinctive typefaces. He eventually moved to the Harrow Road in 1995 to set up his own ‘Studio Babylon’ much in the mold of his early mentors, and the rest, as they rightly say, is history.