Our Vision

Design Manchester promotes design and design thinking. We’ve showcased many types of design, from architecture to user interface, print to fashion, film production to service design, and we are keen to expand our coverage year by year.

“Our design industry has a critical part to play in achieving our vision, from ‘placemaking’ and developing commercial uses for our scientific discoveries, to delivering public services in new ways.”

— ‘Our Manchester’, Strategic Plan, 2016

The purpose and position of Design Manchester is unique. We focus on design in all sectors and all types of organisations, on the role of design as a catalyst for economic growth and jobs, on skills and educational pathways including the STEAM agenda, and on broad community engagement.

Our vision is to promote talent, originality and skills; put Manchester on the international map as a design city; engage the profession and the wider community; and promote awareness of design as a tool for rethinking the emerging digital world.