BBC Circux – A Design Event

Wed Oct 19, 2016
1:00pm - 5:00pm
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Roll up, roll up, for a fun-filled design day out!

BBC Circux is a playful and interactive event, including stupendous performing spaghetti, elephants and fish.

It is aimed at people who know nothing about User Experience Design (or any Design…) but are interested to to find out if the Wonderful World of UX Design might be for them, by learning about the basic principles of being a user-centred designer, and how we create online experiences (websites, apps and interactive TV) at the BBC.

Circux is for curious, creative people (adults and young people over 13 years old).

The event is 4 hours long and places are limited to 48 people, so book quickly!

Host: Colin Burns, Chief Design Officer, BBC Design & Engineering.

Sold out