Katie Tonkinson

Years attended: 2017

Discipline: Architecture

Katie is a partner at internationally-renowned award winning architectural practice Hawkins\Brown, which she joined 15 years ago.

Originally from Manchester, in 2014 Katie relocated back to her home town to establish Hawkins\Brown Studio North. Katie is dedicated to nurturing local talent in a city that has always had a strong architectural community. She is particularly interested in creating a studio that puts people first – bringing a slice of Hawkins\Brown magic to local projects and emulating the ‘Manchester way’ – designing and delivering open, inclusive and collaborative architecture. Across all sectors and at varying scales, it is exciting for Katie to see so many opportunities emerging in the city she grew up in.

As an architect Katie has a diverse background of project based experience, often characterised by complexity of context or setting; a challenging programme of use and the involvement of large, multi-stakeholder teams.