Zoe Hitchen

Years attended: 2017

Discipline: DesignPhotographyFashion

Zoë Hitchen dons many digital hats, a typical week will see her within the BBC User Experience and Design team, Lecturing at Manchester Met University and working as a freelance Photographer & Filmmaker. She has exhibited work internationally, but Design Manchester 17 will see the first photographic exhibition in her hometown, Portrait Youth – a collaboration with esteemed Academic Researchers, Jo Jenkinson and John Earnshaw.


Zoë started her career as First Assistant to Nick Knight at SHOWstudio.com. During this time, she worked on all digital projects, developing the design and content for the website. Zoë led Knight’s team on his international fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, including Lady Gaga’s multi award-winning music video Born This Way (2011) with accompanying album artwork.