Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching

Years attended: 2016

Discipline: DesignTypography

Alan Kitching is a world-renowned typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner. His work hangs in private collections and galleries but it has also featured on everything from magazine and book covers, postage stamps and theatre posters, to wine labels, billboards and signage.

As part of DM16 Alan is bringing his lifes work in the form of his ‘Life in Letterpress’ exhibition which will take place over two venues in the city.

This exhibition is a landmark event and has toured selected venues across the UK starting in London’s Somerset House.  It will not only show finished pieces of work but the method and process behind key works with sketches, proofs and roughs gathered from Alan’s own archive.

As an exclusive to DM Alan has created a mini-exhibition shown at the iconic art shop Fred Aldous featuring his work for The Guardian.

Alan has designed the cover and back for our Document 16 which covers the years festival